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Serving St. John the Evangelist School, Petit Harpon, Haiti 

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News and Announcements

Outreach Haiti built a new church to replace the concrete structure demolished after the 2010 Haiti Earthquake. Check out the video to see the amazing project:

Jim Hudson stands at the pulpit of the nearly finished St. John the Evangelist Church at Petit Harpon in January 2013. With help from the many supporters, Jim and Outreach Haiti have built a new church to replace the concrete structure demolished after the 2010 Haiti Earthquake. A photograph from the same spot two years before is shown below.

Let us pray:

“God, who stretched the spangled heavens infinite in time and place, flung the suns in burning radiance through the silent fields of space: we, your children in your likeness, share inventive powers with you: Great Creator, still creating, show us what we yet may do.

As each far horizon beckons, may it challenge us anew, children of creative purpose, serving others, honoring you.  May our dreams prove rich with promise, each endeavor well begun: Great Creator, give us guidance till our goals and yours are one.”


An amazingly committed and smart group of Chattanoogans have made very real plans to help in Haiti, and have sprung into action making the plans really work. We've all read about the large aid organizations’ efforts, and churches, governments and individuals have been generous, too. Still, many needs are now unaddressed, especially in rural areas where the big organizations don't reach. That's where Outreach Haiti comes in. We have a long track record of partnering with Petit Harpon's aspiring souls to educate for a brighter future. We support the ongoing operation of St. John's School, at about $40,000 per year. Now we need to continue that effort, while helping rebuild.

Good Shepherd Haiti Outrea

St. John the Evangelist School served well as a community center for aid in Petit Harpon, and an emergency shelter for many (perhaps 500) who lost their houses, including some from  beyond Petit Harpon whose communities had no structures that  survived in such good shape.  They exhausted the water from the school's large cisterns, but then trekked down the mountain to streams for water. For days, then weeks, they had almost no food, and no knowledge of food on the way. Both plant crops and farm animals were lost in the quake, but the people have been hard at work to restore their agricultural and economic base. For items they purchased at nearby rural markets, supplies have been disrupted and prices are up.


We have wired money (the regular monthly support) to Père Michaud for the teachers and other school staff. He is thankful for that, since any money coming into the community is a help. He asked if he could use the money for wounded people as well. Of course, we said yes. They had seven wounded people who were not too hurt and their wounds were dressed, but he wanted to buy some pain medications for them. Nobody there would know of the long-term but many homes are too badly damaged to safely inhabit, and fear of after- problems crush injuries may cause. It was months before medical professionals reached them. All across Haiti people who had been in Port-au-Prince for work or school have left that chaotic city for their friendlier hom e places. Family and friends welcome them, but the added numbers stretch already thin rural resources even thinner.

Outreach Haiti has been fortunate to partner with Chattanooga-based R3i, a small but innovative and dedicated mission effort to respond to Haiti's need for transitional housing. Under the leadership of David Peck and Brian McKeon, R3i developed a plan to build 12'x12' hurricane– and earthquake-resistant T-shelters (transitional shelters) at a cost of about $1200 each.

The T-shelters use braced galvanized steel stud framing with a tin roof and tightly-stretched plastic tarp walls. Each unit is lightweight enough to be carried up the mountain by one man and assembled on the same site as the area's damaged houses. As resources have allowed, the families have begun to replace the plastic tarp walls with wood and masonry while retaining the strong steel framing.


Outreach Haiti Committee:

Charlie Brock, Chairperson

Phone for info (423) 400-6420

Frank McDonald, Vice Chairperson

Clay Crouch, Secretary

Lisa Brock, Treasurer

Phone for financial (423) 825-1202

Charles Mahan, Newsletter Editor

Ann Aiken

Jon Dutton

Cameron Ellis

The Rev. Lou Garcia

Fred Robinson

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The Rev. Ann Weeks

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